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🏳️‍🌈♂️👣Hey anyone else but me hate shoes and socks and love to have fun barefooted in public? I am recently out of the hetro lie I had lived knowing that I am a realist and I'm a hardcore homosexual male who is, without any doubt whatsoever, masturbating to Erotic sensual homosexual males into the sex acts I have always wanted to indulge in what I was always told was an abomination and hell was my path. Well, I'm glad I'm openly and proud feeling like I'm finally able to be myself. I told my sister and she didn't believe me,so 2 months later,I sent pictures of my Gay friend and I naked with out hands on each other's penis. I have video of the homosexual fun and I prefer to record my sexuality with everyone who is gay and interested in masturbating to my pictures,is a sure fire guarantee that you will have me naked walking through the door because it turns me on to think of someone takes off his clothes and fantasies about my gay naked body and I will give you my love and I love to be a Queer. I want to make Gay porn and I am seeking a producer, director,actor in the gay porn industry to let me have a shot at the dream I've had since I was 17.👣🍦♂🏳🌈

Dawnie Queer

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